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Agate and chalcedony have been viewed as precious stones even during the imperial Chinese dynasties. In recent years, they have increased in popularity, offering better aesthetics at a mere fraction of jadeite prices. The elegance of a jade  They score a 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale and are suitable for daily wear. That said, they are still fragile so please handle with care!

At Arietta, we specialize in natural, high quality chalcedony, agate and crystal jewelry that Asians believe to bring luck and prosperity to the wearer and people around them. Natural gemstones have inclusions

About Our Leather


All our bangles are painstakingly hand-carved and cut, then polished to a high shine. In addition to the regular bangle cut, we also have round, princess, oval and wave cuts. These styles tend to be a little more expensive due to the complexity involved in the craftsmanship. 

Cherry Blossom Agate is a more fragile material that is prone to gaps and cracks. Any flaws are filled with safe, natural tree resin to smoothen out the bangle for comfortable wear. Handmade jewelry tend to be slightly uneven and can have inclusions. No machine-cut precision or manmade perfection here! 


New to bangles? Here's how to find your size!

Method A: Use a measuring tape to go round the widest part of your hand. 

Method B: Measure the width of your four fingers with a ruler.

Look up the corresponding size using our table. Bangle size depends on hand width, not wrist. Size up for a more comfortable wear!

Taking care of agate bangles: Apply a few drops of white tea oil especially in the dry winter months. Keep away from heat. 

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